The Reclamation of the Human Personality

The 9th Alumni conference was held in Nagaloka, Nagpur for 4 days from 7th to 10th November 2017.

The main theme of the conference was ’Buddhist Youth Leadership and Prabuddha Bharat’.

Nearly 175 alumni participated in this program from 15 states of India.

There were speakers from different background speaking from their vast experience on their respective subjects.

There were academicians in different relevant fields, student leaders, renowned social activists, there were speakers from print media sharing their experiences on their respective field.

The chief guest was from Malaysia Ven Wei Wu speaking and inspiring by his work and experiences in Malaysia and other countries.

In this conference two major important events took place followed by some other decisions. One is inauguration of long awaited Alumni association of Nagaloka Alumni, so the name of the association was declared as ‘Nagloka Assocation’. This body is now independent and will be legally registered by the team.

The second initiative was formation and inauguration of the Tribal and Adivasi Shangha with the support of Prof Bodhi Sainkupar Ranee (TISS).

The conference has managed to bring many alumni together, the next conference will be in 2018.

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