The Reclamation of the Human Personality

A  four days regional conference took place from 23-26 December 2017 in Bangalore. The event brought together
28 NTI from all the 4 sates of South India.The conference facilitated by Dh. Lokamitra and co- facilitated by Dh. Vivekratna from Nagaloka, Dh. Bodhidhamma from Manuski, Dh. Upayaraja from Pune and Ms. Manjula Pradeep from Manuski.
The agenda of the conference was to meet and bring together the alumni of south and understand their struggles as to how to best help them those who are working in the communities. There were group discussions and speeches on how to develop strong network among the alumni.
The event was made  successful  with great team work by the Southern Alumni’s of NTI.

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