The Manuski Trust has worked in many inter-related areas, with a focus on Maharashtra. These include:

  • Capacity building of members of discriminated and marginalised communities.
  • Creating awareness of human and civil rights, and the relevant social legislations.
  • Developing alliances and creating networks to enable mutual sharing of experiences and promote solidarity.
  • Advocating issues of discriminated and marginalised communities at the state, national and international level.
  • Making development of women and their leadership an essential element of the liberation of discriminated and marginalised communities.
  • Encouraging and developing attitudes of freedom of thought, confidence, equality, and respect for all.


  1. Women’s Leadership Training
  2. All-India Network of Social Activists
  3. Human Rights Advocacy
  4. Empowering NGOs
  5. Youth Internship Programme
  6. Adarsha Fellowship


  1. Fighting Caste-Based Discrimination
  2. Fighting Manual Scavenging
  3. Developing Women’s Leadership
  4. Natural Disaster Response