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Access to Social Justice

The Manuksi is working with the survivors and victims of Caste-Based Atrocities and strengthening them in the path of access to justice by providing legal aid. It was found that even during Covid 19 pandemic, the cases of Caste-based violence continued, therefore Manuski did fact-finding during this period. Manuski provided legal aid and assistance to the victim or survivor and their families. From April 2020 to Mar 2021, Manuski did fact-finding of 6 cases and provided legal assistance to 25 cases with the help of local DHRDs and the lawyer’s network.

Impact of the case follow up:

Manuski has helped several victims to fight against injustice. In coordination with various DHRDs, organisations or campaigns like Samta Sainik Dal, CARVA, CDSJS, Ladha, etc, and the legal experts, Manuski has supported the victims affected by caste atrocities from the stage of registering the cases till the trial. Manuski has provided legal counselling as well as emotional support to the victims. The following short description manifests the support extended by Manuski with help of some of the cases. The details about the cases and intervention by Manuski (in coordination with other DHRDs and organisations) can be found in the monthly report prepared and maintained by Manuski.

  1. At the stage of registering FIR:

The Manuski team has supported victims at the stage of registering FIRs. For instance, in the case of Ms. P Shende (name changed) in FIR number 708/2019 Shrigonda Police Station, the Manuski team was present at the time of registering the FIR with other DHRDS.

The Manuski team has also supported victims in demand for adding sections to the already registered cases. For instance, in the case of Ms. Salave (name changed), FIR number 469/2020, Shikrapur Police Station, the Manuski team has communicated with Police Inspector and other police officials and has successfully convinced them to add sections of PoA in the FIR.

  1. At the stage of Bail by accused:

The Manuski team has guided victims about various stages of the case. It has supported victims to understand the court proceedings at the time when an accused file a bail application. The various cases Bail of the accused has been rejected. The Manuski team has contributed to it, especially with the help of lawyers’ networks. For instance, in the case of Ms. P Shende (name changed) in FIR number 708/2019 Shrigonda Police Station the bail of the accused was rejected. Though Manuski’s team was not directly involved at the stage of the supreme court, yet it has supported victims in her fight for justice.

  1. About the compensation to the victims as per PoA:

The Manuski team in association with other organisations has helped various victims to claim compensation as per PoA. For instance, case of Ms. Rama Athavale and his family, 18/2018, the Shikrapur police station victim has received substantial compensation. In another case of Juvenile victim case number 13/2020, Ramtirth Police Station, the Manuski team has supported her family to get support from the government for building the house as part of rehabilitation.

  1. At the stage of Trial: 

The Manuski team has supported victims with help of the affiliated lawyers to fight the case at the stage of the trial. None of the cases being followed up by the Manuski team has reached the conviction stage but the team has supported the victim in various ways including the addition of chargers even at a stage where charges were already framed by the concerned court.

In Fact-finding reports, Manuski visited the spot along with the Fact-finding team and collected details of the cases along with the documents. In June 2021, during the strict lockdown period, Young Dalit Boy, Viraj Jagtap brutally got killed by the 6 Maratha men at Pimple Saudagar, Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal

Corporation. The fact-finding Team of Manuski visited the spot, met with the victim’s family members, and collected the details of the case. The Manuski team also met with concerned Police officials regarding the speed-up investigation process and also submitted a memorandum to the Residential District Collector regarding the appointment of a Special Public Prosecutor (SPP).

Manuski along with the help of local DHRDs and lawyers network provided legal assistance, counseling to the survivors and the families of victims. Moreover, the Manuski team communicated with the Superintendent of Police (SP), District Collector regarding the cases and for demanding speedy action. Manuksi also helped survivors to draft letters and various applications to the Scheduled Caste Commission, National Human Rights Commission for taking actions against the accused. Manuski provided support to Dalit women through legal counseling and strengthen them to fight against violence faced by them.