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Manuski’s Orientations 

An orientation session of Manuski was conducted for interns of TISS, Mumbai on 13th June 2022 at Manuski Centre, Pune.

Mr. Maitreyanath, the Chairperson, briefed about the Manuski and its formulation as a trust. Mr. Abhayaraja, a special guest, guided the interns on how they could engage in multiple activities and learn something new at Manuski. Mr. Bhanu Bauddh, Director, Manuski, briefed about the inception of Manuski and how interns could engage in various activities at Manuski. Senior Researcher – Mr. Sangharsh Apte and Lakhindar Soren – admin – guided the interns and briefed them about their engagements at Manuski and its projects. There were 8 interns of TISS Mumbai and Tuljapur who participated.