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Peace Building and Conflict Resolution Workshop

A five days workshop was organized in Nagloka Nagpur from 9th to 13th February 2018. The workshop was conducted by Hozan Alan Senauke (Zen master) from California and Jill Jameson a social Activist from Australia who extensively works in Burma. 20 NTI alumni participated in the workshop from 10 states of India.

The participants were taken through a council practice and Training Program. It started with the Four Noble Truth, one of the very basic teachings of the Buddha. How do we understand the four noble truths through our daily live activities and situations? Every day the program started with a session where the participants were asked to reflect on the feeling of gratitude towards people that we believe have helped us come out from certain difficult situations.

The five days program also made the participants understand different kinds of conflicts from individual level to a community (macro level). It was a very participatory approach. Live examples from the participants were used for better understanding. There were activities and games to understand conflict and also how to resolve those conflicts.

All the participants gave very positive response to the program and they conveyed gratitude to the conductors of the workshop for giving this wonderful opportunity to participate and learn together.