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Training workshop for Empowering of Buddhist Women

24th-25th January 2019

This was led by Hozen Alan Senauke and Jill Jameson, two very close friends through International Network of Engaged Buddhists. Although not exclusively a Nagarjuna Institute Alumni programme, it was initiated and organised by women alumni. 19 women explored the role of women in the modern Buddhist world. All the women are engaged in social and Dhamma activities – working with street children, women and children in the slums, youth, women’s empowerment, hostels, and more.


The participants were able to discuss the challenges they face in their work and personal life, and how they respond to them. The workshop was based on the Dhamma as a path that involves both personal liberation and the transformation of society. It was also based on Dr. Ambedkar’s vision of a society based on liberty , equality , fraternity, free of caste and all other social barriers. . These three principles were explored in some depth; liberty- that all can speak freely; equality – that everyone had something of worth to share; and fraternity or community.