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Book Distribution No Lockdown On Caste Atrocities

DHRDNet is a collective of over 1000 Dalit Human Rights Defenders from different states of India with a particular focus on Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. DHRDNet provides free legal aid and advice to the Dalit victims of caste related violence, discrimination and exclusion. DHRDNet also engages in sensitisation, training and capacity building, research, and advocacy on issues of Dalit Human Rights Defenders, Caste Atrocity and so on.


It is our pleasure to share with you that the print version of our publication “No Lockdown on Caste Atrocity” is out for circulation.

Our report, “No Lockdown on Caste Atrocity” captures the double victimization of Dalits in certain parts of the country even during the Covid 19 Pandemic. The report presents stories from different part of India showing plight of Dalit facing caste atrocities. This report is a product of hard work, dedication of and collaboration of our many fellow activists and contributors.

On the behalf of DHRDNet and Manuski, a copy of the report to the Commissioner of Social Justice and Special Assistance Department, Director General of BARTI, Samrath’s Journalistetc. 

Download your free copy: Click Here