The Manuski Trust has worked in many inter-related areas, with a focus on Maharashtra. These include:

  • Capacity building of members of discriminated and marginalised communities.
  • Creating awareness of human and civil rights, and the relevant social legislations.
  • Developing alliances and creating networks to enable mutual sharing of experiences and promote solidarity.
  • Advocating issues of discriminated and marginalised communities at the state, national and international level.
  • Making development of women and their leadership an essential element of the liberation of discriminated and marginalised communities.
  • Encouraging and developing attitudes of freedom of thought, confidence, equality, and respect for all.


  1. Human Rights Campaigning, Networking and Skill Development
  2. Fraternity Fellowship
  3. Women Empowerment
  4. Relief Work


Our Past Programmes:

  1. Women’s Leadership Training
  2. All-India Network of Social Activists
  3. Human Rights Advocacy
  4. Empowering NGOs
  5. Youth Internship Programme
  6. Adarsha Fellowship


  1. Fighting Caste-Based Discrimination
  2. Fighting Manual Scavenging
  3. Developing Women’s Leadership
  4. Natural Disaster Response