The Manuski Trust has established itself as a hub of Dalit and Tribal Rights NGOs throughout India. It empowers individual activists, NGOs, and CBOs through alliance building and networking. By imparting regular training to these individuals and organisations, it enables them to mobilise communities, run effective organisations, and understand the problems facing marginalised communities and find viable solutions to these problems.

NGOs and CBOs among marginalised communities are doing important work, but at times, they lack much needed training in running organisations and following statutory requirements.

Manuski’s technical capacity building involves training in:

  • Vision Building
  • Fund Raising
  • Logical Framework Analysis(LFA)
  • Finance Management
  • Legal Assistance

Over last decade, Manuski has worked with several hundred NGOs and CBOs, and continues to do so. This has allowed for the development of a loose network that allows NGOs, CBOs, and individual activists to share and exchange vital knowledge with each other. Individuals and organisations with common objectives come together to prepare action plans and work together for a consistent agenda. Networking meetings also allow for the formation of new groups and organisations, which are then trained and developed.