“Cultivation of mind should be the ultimate aim of human existence”

Leadership building of marginalised youth has always been a priority for Manuski Trust. Through annual internship programmes, Manuski channels the energy of marginalised youth through non-violent means and helps raise awareness of the effective use of the law, and also helps them to pursue higher studies.

Significant activities in youth leadership building include:

  • Providing internships and placements to students from marginalised communities at Manuski.
  • Building links and organising seminars, lecture series, and workshops for students in educational institutions to make them aware about issues and challenges of marginalised communities and make them sensitive towards these communities.

The objectives of these programmes and projects are:

  • To cultivate and imbibe value-based knowledge in the minds of youth.
  • To develop their understanding of Dr. Ambedkar and his mission.
  • To train them as sensitive and committed individuals and encouraging them to become future leaders in their communities.