Nagarjuna Training Institute, Nagaloka- Nagpur is the sister organisation of Manuski.

The Nagaloka NTI alumni has a wide network in towns and villages throughout India. Manuski mainly does its relief work through NTI Alumni.

To combat the Corona Virus and to help those who suffer most,  our alumni are doing what they can personally on the ground, working in the field with other NGOs, and working with Local Government agencies. In these ways the Nagaloka alumni are trying to help the most vulnerable sections of society, such migrant labourers, daily wage labourers, domestic workers, manual scavengers, etc. These workers suffer not only because they are easily vulnerable to the virus, but also because the lockdown has made it very difficult for them to access basic survival needs – food materials, general medicines, etc. They also suffer in other ways. Many do not have access to the facts of the situation. Those with no money to look after their families can become very depressed.

The Nagaloka alumni are working on three levels, the ground level, state coordination, and a central core team. The alumni on the ground level identify local needs and pass this information to the state coordinators, who pass it to the core team to coordinate action and try and raise funds.

The Work of the Nagaloka Covid Respond Team 

  1. Due to the lockdown, daily wage labourers are not able to earn money for the basic food and medicinal needs of their families. The government is doing what they can but the situation is huge and they cannot reach many people – they need the help of NGOs and voluntary organisations to manage this. The Nagaloka alumni are trying to become a bridge between Local Government and the community so that those in extreme need get proper attention from government officials.
  2. The Nagaloka alumni are raising funds and delivering basic materials to those who suffer the most.  These include basic food grains like wheat, rice, dal, as well as hand sanitisers and masks.
  3. They are also providing counselling those suffering from depression and other mental health issues arising from this situation.
  4. In many parts of India, our alumni are helping sanitise neighbourhoods and communities.
  5. They are creating awareness of the situation, exposing the many myths that are spreading, and teaching people how to behave as safely as possible without panicking.
  6. They are providing emergency support of various degrees to people where possible.

The Nagaloka alumni are ready to help wherever they can in whatever way they can. You can help us to help those who are suffering most from this terrible pandemic by contributing to our relief fund.

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