We have been working in collaboration with Swabhiman Society based in Haryana!

For Dalit girls & women leadership, their empowerment, to ensure gender equality and their self independence. A society where people are living in a safe, healthy, and happy environment with non-discriminatory access & where they have hope and to attain progressive education, become courageous and independent, and organize themselves with technical skills.
Swabhiman Society is an organisation led by and comprised of young Dalit women, created with the goal of uniting and organising Dalit women in Haryana to end caste based oppression at the grassroots level. Since 2012, Swabhiman Society has provided paralegal support and legal aid to survivors of sexual violence from marginalised communities, and works against oppression and injustice towards Dalit, Muslim and trans women and girls in Haryana. In addition to our work seeking justice for survivors of sexual violence, Swabhiman Society works to empower Dalit women and girls and create strong, self-reliant leaders within the community.