WFA Report December 2019


  1. To meet and collect stories of women facing health issues.
  2. Visited Maio (small block with few settlements), Villages: Avoipur, Jyotsnapur.


The situation, the respondents are facing of no good health centre and good transportation system and even in problems in communication also.

According to the observation through this field visit the respondents are really in very difficult condition like they don’t have even a good health centre in their near area for emergency they had to go 15 to 20 km for medication and in case serious emergency they had to go 100 to 150km for treatment to Assam while going to hospital also they wont have a good road and there are problems in transportation and they wont get frequent busses and cars in the area if they reserve cars sometime are not able to effort  those which are very costly for them, in this the communication system also play role which they are facing  by not getting medication on time, there the situation shows economics issues also.

 Story focus on Health Issue

Name: Niyoti Chakma
Age: 48 yrs
Occupation: Weaver

I am Mrs Niyoti Chakma, age 48 yrs. I am a weaver doing this work since 8 to 10 years, by this work I was supporting my family but now due to my health I can’t weave and we run a small shop.

I have been suffering from different diseases since I was mother of one child,

  1. Breast cancer

At the time there were no hospital and doctors near by us as we   used to go other places for cultivation there I have suffer breast cancer which was really unbearable pain at the time my 1st child was 1year and was not getting proper medicine, so many people suggested many traditional medicine but by using those medicine the pain was increasing instead of cure.

Could not wear clothes also using soft clothes and keeping hanging on my neck due to unbearable pain I asked my husband to cut it with blade to bring out it pus, and he cut the breast in a side but nothing had happened with that but that cuts increases the pain  more.

More than two months I had suffered and beard the pain but what can be done no doctors near areas, no hospital and even financial problems we were facing, day by day I was suffering lots and even cant seat also, than my family members has taken decision to take me hospital but there were no good road to travels and even we cant fine vehicle also. Where we were for farming that place was 3km from main road where vehicle run. So from that place my husband and my cousin brother taken me by raping me in cloths by hanging on their shoulder to main road. There they have reserve a vehicle and taken to Namsai  Govt. Hospital which was 30km from there.

I had been gone through a breast surgery which even took year to be cure.

At present its okay now no issues on breast.

  1. Mental Health Issues

After that breast cancer I was a mother of 3 child from them two of them died only cos poverty, at that time also we were in Kampti area for farming and husband was a drunker and gambler so he could not pay attention to the future of the children. He used to drinks lots and waste all the money in gambling which I earned by selling alcohol and some by selling vegetables. whole the day  he staying away from home and return in the evening and start abusing and sometimes he beats, at the time I was like gone mad. I stayed silent by thinking that was my karma, at the time I was pregnant can’t work as I could but still I had to work for my child. After the baby born there we met a Bhikku(monk) and by his suggestion and dhamma talk my husband stop drinking and gambling I felt I was in heaven at that times many women were freed from sin as their man also stopped drinking. At present he don’t drink and cooperating in every works.

  1. At present suffering lots like fever, joint pain, low blood pressure, chest pain eyes problems etc,

Many time I visited doctors and had check-up also but the report is always in normal.

For sonography here in our area we don’t have the facility I or other patient also had to go 100km for better hospital even for emergency case also we had to travel 100km. and the road condition is very bad in which its takes 5 to 6 hours to reached instead of 2 to 3 hours. Many patients died on way.

I tried many medicines for my health but still it is the same, as per the suggestion of the people I am trying traditional medicine also but still not getting cure.

Due to financial issues could not go to meet other doctors in assam also anyhow we manage some amount for hospital but due to CAB there no busses giving service and delayed to hospital.

Only to consult about my health issues and eye check up went to Namsai hospital by reserve van, the medicine I got from there for the pain the medicine made reaction in my body so I stopped using that. Now the health condition is that I can not do hard work and even cannot walk for long as I feel suffocated and Its effect in my breathing process. The condition is going so worst that even I cant speak properly due to tongue infection.

All these problems facing not only me but other people also belonging to different villages.

We see development in our area as before but still many things  need be to change and bring proper development in our area. There is a need to Changes in road transportation and communication system as we don’t get any frequent buses/cars auto etc to the major towns or cities around. There are few cars  we can hire in emergency with high price which is not affordable for many poor people.

Lastly I want to say to youth to address the above mention issues so that nobody whether man or women should face such difficulties in their lives in future.

 Aim and objectives for the months January 2020

  1. To organised awareness programs in 2 schools for students about cyber safety
  2. To follow up for other women and girls for stories and collect stories about their daily life issues.


Sl.No Name Gender Age Qualification Current Occupation Address Phone Email
1 Niyoti Chakma F 48 Non Shopkeeper Avoipur villgae NA NA
2 Biola  Chakma F 26 10th pass farmer Dumpather NA NA
3 Amrita Devi Chakma F 45 non farmer Mudukonala NA NA
4 Ormila Chakma F 18 10th pass Drop out Mudukkonala NA NA
5 Meenu F 19 12TH Pass Drop out Dumpather NA NA