WFA Report October and November 2019

The fellows of WFA attended capacity building training program on United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325. It talks about Women Peace builders and networking. The fellows were exposed to various cultures out of the country, it gave insights about the women working in various conflict zones in Middle East, Africa and Asian countries. It has also exposed fellow to understand the various opportunities and scope to develop in its own network and movement.

In addition, fellow had great experience of management skills. How manage events what are the necessary elements one need to keep in mind while hosting an event. Also learnt how to generate feedbacks after the events, which can be participant friendly without stressing out the participants, letting them to evaluate and give feedback by maintaining anonymity.

This two month’s time was fruitfully used, first months was used for preparation to attend the programs, filling applications and official formalities of travel. Along with the preparation, the mid term report and coordination was done by the fellow of all the 4 partner fellows for reporting to the funding agency. Fellow was also involved in coordination and answering queries on behalf of the fellows to the funding agency.

Training on the Topics

  1. Peace building and mediation process
  2. Exposure trip to Scottish Parliament and Women Participation in Politics
  3. Women in Conflict Areas
  4. Women at Peace Talks and Negotiation
  5. Story Telling: Art of reaching masses though story telling.
  6. Transitional Justice and Reparations
  7. Self Care

The exposure training has provided opportunity to understand bigger concepts and how to network with international agencies.

The fellow also has attended webinar of UNSCR 2250 which talk about peace and youths.

The fellow project coordinator has also attended Alumni Conference in Nagpur to network with other youths from various parts of India. This network can be used for the benefit of the bigger movement later. It is also can be used for bridging the Gap between the tribal and the Ambedkarite movement. Attending programs and social events help strengthened the minorities to come together and work on the nuances that is geographically and socially created which are not consciously worked upon in general.

In the last week of November the fellow has mapped the activities that to be planned and executed in the coming months. The fellow has coordinated with resource persons, participants to work out the dates for the programs.