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Capacity Building Workshop

A capacity Building Training workshop was held from 1 to 6th Sept 2022 at Kondanpur Training Centre organized by Manuski under the Savitri Bai Fraternity Fellowship Program. The Resource Persons from Rajasthan – Mr. Bhanwar Meghwansi and Mr. Gopal Verma inaugurated the session. Mr. Bhanu Pratap – Director of the Manuski – had introduced them to the participants who are the women fellows of the Savitri Bai Fraternity Fellowship, followed by the individual introduction. There was also a Desom Fellow – Mr. Rohit Jagtap – who facilitated the importance of the Indian Constitution and its preamble to the participants. 

The workshop covered the following subjects:

  1. History and the Rights to Information Act, 2005
  2. SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities, (Amended) Act, 2016
  3. Policy Making and Accountability 
  4. Fact-Finding, etc.