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Fellowship Presentation

By end of October month, 9 fellows were finalized, and meanwhile, communication with some fellows was done. Later to select alumni directly who are already working in their respective states we had a meeting with Dh. Vivekratna to know names and other details about alumni. The meeting was held at Manuski on 21st November 2018 Priyadarshi Sir, Utpala, and Vinod was present during the meeting. Vivekratna sir suggests a few names from different states that are mentioned in the below table. 

Vinod & Utpala participated in the 10th Alumni conference at Nagaloka to present the fellowship program before the alumni. On 24th November both of them together had a wonderful presentation followed by a question & answer session. After the presentation many alumni showed positive responses and noted their interest, those names are mentioned in the below table.

On 29th October Vinod & Utpala had a meeting with Priyadarshi Sir to finalize the states and alumni, also discussed a plan of action for the first quarter. Regarding Maharashtra state, we are planning to develop different models based on policy research analysis. The final list of states and alumni is mentioned in the below table. 

The final list of selected states

  1. Telangana
  2. Chattisgarh 
  3. Tamilnadu 
  4. Karnataka 
  5. Maharashtra