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Social Media Campaign of PoA Cases during Lockdown

As India went into a nationwide lockdown to fight the coronavirus pandemic, Caste animosity continued its rampage and destroyed the lives of hundreds of Dalit persons across the country. To highlight the caste Atrocity cases during the Pandemic, DHRDNet collected details of cases from 7 states and converted them in a story format in a Book namely “No Lockdown on Caste Atrocities – Stories of Caste Crimes during the Covid-19 Pandemic”. The book contains a total of 60 stories which include 30 long stories and 30 short stories. The Manuski provided 7 case details from Maharashtra which were included in the book.  The Book was released on 4th Mar 2021 by the DHRDNet through an online program. DHRDNet also did a Social Media Campaign to highlight the case stories on Social Media Platform. Manuski participated in the campaign and shared these stories which helped to create awareness among people and highlight incidences of caste-based atrocities.