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Access to Public Entitlements

Manuski is monitoring the Economic Policies of the Dalit and Adivasi Community to highlight and address issues on Dalit Adivasi Budget utilization. Manuski is consistently working on analysis of Scheduled Caste Component Schemes (SCCS) and Tribal Component Schemes (TCS) and creating awareness about fund allocation and utilization. Manuski is creating awareness about Dalit Adivasi Budget through various conferences and also by conducting training programs of DHRDs. Manuski also engaged with analyzing   Gender Responsive Budget (GRB) focusing on the status of Dalit and Adivasi women.

In June 2020, DHRD associated with Manuski followed up a case of a loan with “Jilha Udyog Kendra” which was kept pending by the Bank of Maharashtra, Pune. DHRD from Pune conducted a meeting with the branch manager regarding loan sanction for entrepreneurship development

Union Budget of India released on 1st Feb 2021, Manuski team attended the Budget speech, downloaded relevant Budget documents, Statement of SCs-STs and Gender Budget. Manuski worked on Union Budget analysis and prepared notes about Budget allocations and discussed with experts and DHRDs about the allocations of the Dalit Adivasi Budget. Moreover, worked on a detailed analysis of the Gender Budget Statement and shared findings with various groups.

On 8th Mar 2021, Maharashtra State Budget released, Mansuki attended Budget Session of Maharashtra and noted important points related to SC-ST and Gender Budget and also downloaded Maharashtra Budget Documents. Manuski also worked on a detailed analysis of Scheduled Caste Component Schemes (SCCS) and Tribal Component Schemes (TCS) and Gender Budget Statement of Maharashtra. Manuski participated in Online Conference on Budget organized by Prabuddha Bharat and shared details about the status of the Maharashtra Gender Budget and the Status of Dalit Women.

At present Manuski is working on Dalit Adivais Budget entries and detailed analysis of Maharashtra Dalit Adivasi Budget. The Budget analysis and creating its awareness among the community will help in effective utilization of the Dalit and Adivasi Budget which will certainly help in accessing Public Entailments by the marginalized communities. Manuski also shared details about the Dalit Adivasi Budget Allocation with Media.