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Coalition Work with Civil Society Organizations’

“We Claim” Application, Data Gathering and Letters to District Magistrate

The National Dalit Movement for Justice (NDMJ) an NGO/ CBO/Civil society group, joined hands with the National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights (NCDHR), New Delhi, to conduct an inclusion assessment of the extent of realisation of COVID-19 schemes by the vulnerable communities. Through the mobile app, ‘We Claim’, the assessment was being conducted across many states.

In Maharashtra, from May 2020 onwards Manuski coordinated the process of Data Collection and submission of letters to the respective District Magistrate. Manuski initiated the process by training individuals, DHRDs and groups about the use of the We Claim app with the help of the appointed Consultant through the DHRDNet project. Major schemes monitored were ICDS, Old Age Pension, PMKSN, PMUY, PWD Pension, Widow Pension, PDS, PMJDY, etc.

After completion of data gathering, and based on reports, In Dec 2020, Manuski assisted local DHRDs associated with regional CSOs to send emails and letter to the District Magistrate (DM), requesting expeditious action in ensuring that the list of persons receives the entitlement under the Covid-19 relief measures announced by the Government of India and the State Government. Manuski assisted DHRDs to send letters to DM of 4 Districts Pune, Jalgaon, Latur and Satara.

On 27th May 2020, Ms. Prachi Salve, Manuski participated in a Webinar organized by Wayve Foundation on Effects of Covid-19 on Deprived Communities – Perspective & Experiences of Women Social Activists and shared the problems faced by Dalit women in Maharashtra during the pandemic period.

On 1st Aug 2020, Manuski organized conference on PoA Cases During Covid 19, with Expert and Activists. The conference was organized to discuss cases of atrocities during covid-19 pandemic period. Experst, Lawyers and activists from various district of Maharashtra participated in the conference. The main purpose was to form collective to strengthen PoA cases. During online conference experts and lawyers following up with the cases shared their views and it was decided that there is need to form a State Level Coalition for strengthening PoA.

In Nov 2020, Manuski participated in Webinar on 16 Days of Activism by Human Rights Foundation- Dalit women and Representation. The discussion was focused on the participation of Dalit women and discrimination with Dalit women in a different sphere.