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Lawyer’s collective

Manuski conducted a collective meeting of lawyers working on PoA cases in Pune. It was a small meeting to initiate the coordination between lawyers to support the victims of caste atrocities in their quest for justice. But this meeting has resulted in an active network of lawyers. Currently this network is working under leadership of Adv. Ambadas Bansode, working and practicing in Shivajinagar Court, Pune. Adv. Pratibha, also practicing in Shivajinagar Court, Pune is managing the group activities as part of Campaign Advocating Rights of Victims of Atrocities (CARVA).

The group currently is actively supporting victims of caste atrocities. The group is assisting four atrocity victims at the stage of trial, including one case from Satara District. The group is also supporting the victims 2 victims at pre-trial stage. Recently in one of the cases, the bail application of the accused was rejected at Bombay High Court with efforts from the same lawyers collective.

Recently the group is quite active in supporting the victim but the formal meetings have reduced. The group is trying to accelerate the formal meetings and to initiate the study circle within the group under the guidance of Adv. Ambadas Bansode. The study circle aims to exchange the experiences and discuss the cases for upgrading the performance at the stage of trial through these study circles.

Due to consistent work on PoA cases monitoring and intervention with the support from Manuski, DHRD Mr. Gawale from Aurangabad District got selected as a member of the Sub-Divisional Vigilance Committee.  As a member of the committee have attended one meeting till now and am reviewing the performance of concerned authorities.