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Promoting the Recommendation through Reports


Caste-Based Sexual Violence and State Impunity

This report is an outcome of research initiated by Dalit women activists in 13 Indian states where they have been handling cases of caste-based sexual violence for several years. The report comes during a significant time when the country is reeling from the aftershocks of the COVID-19 pandemic and economic losses induced by hurried lockdown measures imposed by the Government of India nationwide.

No Lockdown on Caste Atrocities

India went into a nationwide lockdown to fight the coronavirus pandemic, Caste animosity continued its rampage and destroyed the lives of hundreds of Dolit persons across the country. This book narrates horrific stories of innocent Dalits who bore the brunt of, “No Lockdown on Caste Atrocities” in seven states of India. The Dalit Human Rights Defenders (DHRDNet) Network is sharing these stories of caste crimes to enable the victims to get legal and social justice.

Research Report: ‘Crimes in the Name of Honour: A National Shame’

DHRDnet has prepared a research report, ‘Crimes in the Name of Honour: A National Shame,’ which utilises quantitative and qualitative methods to analyze case studies from seven states of India.

The report dives into the sociological and cultural reasons that provide impunity for honour crimes in India. It also summarises national and international debates and laws that favour a separate legal framework to counter crimes in the name of honour, and how to implement such legislation successfully in our country.

This report has been possible with support from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences and the National Council of Women Leaders. We are indebted to the authors of the report, Dr. Shewli Kumar and Iswarya Subbiah, for their valuable time.