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Covid19 Health Awareness Program-Bhagwanpur

In February, 50 women of the sweeper community working in village Bhagwanpur were made aware of the health by Manuski Team. Masks and Gloves were distributed to sweeper women by Sanstha. Along with this, creating awareness of the symptoms and protection from Covid-19 to the women, have been major activities. The team kept saying to the women If a member of any family is suffering from cough, cold, fever, etc. then it is very important to take him/her to the hospital without any delay without any home remedies. And we should not treat it based on superstition. Rather, try to get its first treatment in the hospital itself. Some women said that we have only one house to live in where our entire family is living. So where would we go in such a situation if someone in our family got covid? So, considering it as a simple disease, we need to go to the hospital immediately and get it treated, said the team.