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Women Community Meeting for Covid19 Health Awareness

First Meeting:
A meeting with 42 women of Dalit community in village Amen organised by Manuski team in which the women of the village Amen were gathered by visiting their home and made them aware about health such as protection of women going out for work in any place, cleaning work in drains or a hospital or the homes of anyone including the importance of masks and gloves and distributed to all women and children at home by the team.


Second Meeting:
A meeting was held with 35 women of the Valmiki community in village Jyoti in which they were made aware of their health. What caused anemia and other diseases including covid-19 were told to women by the Manuski team. The women from the community were so scared due to covid which affected their mental health, said a woman. The Manuski team counsel them properly in this regard. The team has opened up for spreading the truth regarding covid and shared prevention measures and to deal with Covid, and healing people by saying not to think much about covid, just be positive and do your work with safety. We do not need to think without any reason, rather we need to live following proper precautions, the team added.