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Manuski Staff Training

For the capacity building of the Manuski staff members, DHRDNet assisted by a network organisation conducted a training program that helped the Manuski team to strengthen their knowledge and skills while working on socio-economic issues of the Dalit community.

In Dec 2020, Ms.Prachi Salve, Manuski participated in 6 Days online Training program from 7th Dec to 14th Dec 2020, on Support to local Civil Society Organisation (CSOs) in Building Communication and Outreach Capabilities conducted by European Union (EU), IBF International Consulting and Insight Development Consulting Group (IDCC). CSOs across India participated in the training. The sessions focused on the use of Social Media, Internal and External Communication, and various aspects of communication which assisted in increasing the outreach of CSO. Sessions were very informative and participatory.

Further, in Mar from 9th to 12th 2021, a second training program was organized by EU, IBF, IDCC on Effective Communication for Advocacy, Branding, and Fundraising which helped to understand communication techniques during advocacy, Branding and Fundraising for the organisation. Mr. Bhanu Baudh, Mr.Lakhinder Soren and Ms.Prachi Salve, all from Manuski participated in the second training program.

From 23rd to 26th Mar 2021, Mr. Bhanu Bauddh, Mr.Lakhinder Soren, Mr.Sangharsh Apte and Ms.Prachi Salve, from Manuski, participated in an online training program on “Strengthened HRD Protection ensuring sustained Access to Justice” conducted by NDMJ. Manuski also suggested a few DHRDs from Maharashtra who also had participated in the same. The session helped to understand the Human Rights mechanism in India and ways of protecting Human Rights Defenders.