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Health Awareness Program

17 February to 30 March

Free gloves and masks were provided to 320 Dalit and Mahadalit community women from 10 villages in Yamunanagar and Jill Kaithal district of Haryana. 32 women were benefited in each village. The women from the villages said to the Manuski team about what they require from the Government but they were not being provided by the Government. Manuski had provided the essential and life necessity goods to them and the beneficiaries thanked Manuski and said that what Manuski had been doing; should have been done by the Government. The Manuski team told them that there is a limitation of a Government and it cannot reach out to all its citizens as of now. Moreover, women from scavenging comminutes working in factories in Haryana were made aware of their mental health so that they can deal with such problems on their own and with taking proper counseling by the Manuski team. Such women have to face mental torture from everywhere. Our system lacks in providing proper mental counseling and through this Campaign, Manuski had reached out to thousands of women and it had been quite beneficial for a lot of women.