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Women’s State Conference on Gender Budget

Ms. Prachi Salve from Manuski had received an invitation from Sadhana Institute for Sustainable Development, Pune regarding conducting a session on Understanding Gender Budget on 12th Jan 2021 at J.P Naik Bhawan, Kothrud, Pune. Accordingly, she conducted the session and explained in detail the concept of Gender Budget, its need for Gender Equality, and the current status of Gender Budget. Women working on various issues of women had participated in the conference.

Photos: Women’s State Conference on Gender Budgeting, Pune

In Feb 2021, the PadSquad team approached Manuski and showed interest to conduct a community program about creating awareness on Menstrual Health and Hygiene and the safe use of menstrual cups during the menstruation period. Accordingly, on 17th Feb 2021, Manuski coordinated the community Program at Navi Khadki, Yerwada, more than 50 women participated in the program.

Photos: Navi Khadki, Yerwada, Pune – Community Awareness Program

From 17th to 25th Mar 2021, Prabuddha Bharat organized a series on Budget Discussion –Response to Maharashtra Budget 2021. During the series on discussion, Ms. Prachi Salve from Manuski participated in the discussion on Gender Budget on 21st Mar 2021 and shared in detail about the status of Maharashtra Gender Budget Statement along with the status of Dalit and Adivasi women in Maharashtra.