Review of the special Public Prosecutors
As per Rule 4(2) of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Rule 1995 “the District Magistrate and the Director of Prosecution / in-charge of the prosecution shall review at least twice in a calendar year in the months of January and July, the performance of Special Public Prosecutors so specified or appointed and submit a report to the state Government.”

To understand the status of these reports Manuski filed application as per Right to Information Act to every district magistrate in state of Maharashtra. The findings are important and worth noting. While we are following up with authorities who have not replied and working on report based on received information following are few primary observations. :

  1. Among all the 36 districts only Solapur District has provided meeting minutes as requested.
  2. It is highest probability that no other district is conducting any such meeting.
  3. Districts like Gadchiroli, Nashik etc have clearly mentioned that they do not have any such record maintained with them.



  1. Sindhurgh SPP 1 (13/07/2020)
  2. Sindhurgh SPP 2 (06/12/2019)
  3. Ahmednagar SPP (05/06/2020)
  4. Amravati SPP (18/06/2020)
  5. Nashik SPP (20/04/2020)